~ Inca Quechua
Chef Salazar’s brand new flagship brand celebrating Peruvian gastronomy with a refined and inventive approach to traditional recipes. Adopting contemporary culinary techniques while preserving classical flavours, Waska delivers a seasonal menu of regional specialties with an uncompromising blend of locally sourced farm fresh produce, quality meats, and imported Peruvian staples.

In addition to our restaurant (2019), Waska provides private chef services and catering featuring a fusion of cultural cuisine including; Criollo, Nikkei, Chifa, Italo-Peruvian, Ceviches and Tiraditos, as well as an array of Peruvian inspired cocktails, import & craft beers.

Waska premium artisanal Peruvian food and beverage products including our hand-crafted ‘Chicha Especial’ coming soon.

Born and raised in the port city of Callao Peru to a family with deep culinary roots, Chef Salazar’s foray into food started at a very early age. At his grandmother’s apron he learned the fundamentals of traditional Peruvian cooking and she inspired him to pursue this new found passion as a career. Classically trained, Chef Salazar further refined his craft working the demanding kitchens of Lima and Miami to Toronto and Montreal.

2006 brought a series of independent ventures, providing private chef services to discerning clientele and hosting numerous beloved pop up events. During this period, he developed his own unique modern Peruvian style and quickly amassed a cult following.

2017 marked the opening of his first restaurant Kay Pacha in Toronto, garnering rave reviews and features in major publications including Toronto Life Magazine’s ‘Top 20 Restaurants’.

Now highly accomplished and growing in prominence as a leading authority of Peruvian cuisine in Canada, Chef Salazar aims to celebrate, educate and inspire with a brand new concept, Waska.

Peruvian Purple Corn Juice